Helping You Guide Your Legacy

At L & R, we take a long term approach when planning for our clients. We take the time to understand and differentiate between those who are looking to build and accumulate wealth, those who are living off of and enjoying the wealth they’ve created and those looking to transition their wealth.

At our core, L & R Wealth Management’s belief is that the most meaningful impact we can have is the investment in our client’s goals and the legacy they want to precede them. Since our inception, our philosophy has been unconditional; help meet the objectives of individuals and their families. It’s more than our philosophy, it’s our Telos.

We align our Telos philosophy with the belief that making our communities a better place enables us all to prosper. We diligently pursue this mission with integrity, discipline and a commitment to serve.

Telos – Aristotle’s philosophy (from the Greek τέλος for end, purpose, or goal.)

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